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Welcome to bizdiscuss, a platform for Accounting Professional, Finance professionals and students.

bizdiscuss is a platform which provides Accounting Professional, Finance professionals and students round the globe with an opportunity to express their views on various topics and encourage discussions.

It is a place where we can share our knowledge, thoughts and ideas and help others to give a direction towards their goal attainment.

Therefore, we presented a platform where one can share his thoughts across, discuss various issues, blog and share it with the entire world.

Here, we shall hold discussions on taxation, finance, budget, various circulars, notifications issued by various competent authorities/ Departments, accounting, etc.

We shall make all possible efforts to keep this place updated as much as possible.

You are invited to post your views on any topic or issue or put forward your query to the bizdiscuss team which we shall be glad to resolve.

We welcome all our readers.