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Gmail is the best email service provider since inception of its service. Gmail is free web email service with the inbuilt feature of POP. Gmail brings revolution in web email services.

Some times you receive a email @googlemail com address even you do not have address @googlemail.com. Reason when you signed up @gmail.com you get a address @googlemail.com. Suppose you have email address as abc@gmail.com that means you also have an email address with abc@googlemail.com.

You can use said email address to received mails from some one in different folder.

There is another best feature in email service with gmail.com. If the sender remove dot(.) or added dots in email address, the message will still go in your inbox. Your email address is unique. Some one can not set up an identical account even with a different placement of dots like;

  • ca.aryendra@gmail.com
  • caar.yendra@gmail.com
  • ca.ar.yendra@gmail.com

Your email address is unique; people can’t set up an identical account even with a different number or placement of dots.

For example, messages sent to these addresses will go to the same Gmail account:

  • johnsmith@gmail.com
  • jo.hn.smith@gmail.com
  • john.smith@gmail.com


  • Arvind (#)
    May 9th, 2017

    this is a new information for me.

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