TDS Rates Chart for F.Y. 2015-16 A.Y. 2016-17

TDS Rate Chart F.Y. 15-16 A.Y. 16-17

Every deductor need to deduct TDS as prescribed in Income Tax Act Not more than that and not lower than that.

The payee can claim refund as per TDS certificate whether is wrongly deduction or higher deduction as the case may be.

TDS can be adjusted against any other payment made or credited if TDS has been wrongly deducted from a payment on which there is no liability to deduct TDS. No doubt, there is no penalty to deduct more or wrongly deduction of TDS. However, deductor will issue TDS certificate (Form 16/Form 16A) as per actual deduction.

The penalty for non-deposit of TDS will be imposed by Income Tax Department.

192 Salaries Average rate
193 Interest on Securities    Above Rs.10,000 Interest on Debentures   AboveRs. 5000/- 10 10
194 Deemed dividend u/s.2(22)(e) Dividends other than listed companies 10 10
194A Interest other than Interest on Securities (Including Recurring Deposits wef 01-06-2015) : Bank/Post office  AboveRs.10000/- OthersAboveRs.5000/- 10 10
194B Lottery / Cross Word Puzzle Above Rs. 10000/- 30 30
194BB Winnings from Horse Race AboveRs. 5,000/- 30 30
194C Contracts:

Single  Above  Rs. 30,000

Aggregate Above Rs. 75,000

1 2
194D Insurance Commission  Above Rs. 20,000 10 10
194DA (w.e.f. 01/10/2014)

Payment in respect of Life Insurance Policy Above Rs. 99,999/-

194E Payments to non-resident sportsmen or sports associations 20 20
194EE Refund of NSSAboveRs.2,500/- 20  –
194F Repurchase of units by MF/UTI 20  20
194G Commission on sale of lottery ticketsAboveRs.1,000 10 10
194H Commission or Brokerage AboveRs. 5,000 10 10
194I Rent of Machinery, Plant or Equipment AboveRs. 1,80,000 2% 2%
Land, building (including factory building) or land appurtenant to a building (including factory building) or furniture or fittings Above Rs. 1,80,000 10% 10%
194IA Transfer of immovable  property other then agricultural Land Above50 Lakhs 1% 1%
194J Professional/ Technical charges/Royalty & Non-compete fees /payments to directors Above Rs. 30,000 10% 10%
194LA Compensation on acquisition of immovable propertyAboveRs.2,00,000 10 10
194LB Interest from an Infrastructure Bond 5 5
194LBA Income in the nature of interest received or receivable from a special purpose vehicle, distributed by a business trust to its unit holders.

Resident Payee

Non Resident PayeeDistribution of income by a business trust being a real estate investment trust (wef 01-06-2015)


5Rates specified in Part II First Schedule


5Rates specified in Part II First Schedule

194LBB Payments to a unit holder in respect of units of Investment Fund u/s 115UB 10 10
194LC Interest to Non Resident from Indian company/business trusts  engaged in certain business. 5 5
194LD Interest on certain Govt Bonds/Securities payable on or after 01-06-2013 but before 01-06-2017 5 5
195 Payment to Non Residents Applicable Rate Applicable Rate
196B Payment to Non Residents Applicable Rate Applicable Rate
196C Payment to Non Residents Applicable Rate Applicable Rate
196D Payment to Non Residents Applicable Rate Applicable Rate
196E Payment to Non Residents Applicable Rate Applicable Rate



  • ravi (#)
    February 2nd, 2017

    Can we claim for TDS refund that we paid excess to the party for last year

    • caaryendra (#)
      February 2nd, 2017

      Dear Ravi,

      Yes refund can be claimed for excess deposited of TDS under “CHAPTER XVII Collection and recovery of tax”. You need to file FORM NO. 26B as mentioned in rule-31A, Income-tax Rules.

      As per rule “(3A) A claim for refund, for sum paid to the credit of the Central Government under Chapter XVII-B, shall be furnished by the deductor in Form 26B electronically under digital signature in accordance with the procedures, formats and standards specified under sub-rule (5).

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