Fundamental Money Tips to Save, Earn, Protect

  1. Create an emergency fund:  As we all know life is a journey full of unexpected twists and turns hence you should always have an emergency fund. Saving money is really important, and it’s something we all can do, but in reality, most of us don’t actually save money for emergency.
  2. Buy Insurance : Basically insurance is helping in risk management. As we all know there is always some unexpected events occurs in our life
    to manage all these unexpected events and having a balanced life we have an insurance.
  3. Create a Second source of Income :  If you are depend on a single source of income you are just a step away from poverty. If there’s one thing this pandemic taught us, it is that you can lose your job in a blink of an eye. You can have a passive income that could be rental income side business etc. Be aware that creating multiple sources of income is a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Create a diversify portfolio :  As we all read a famous quote that never put all your egg in one basket. You should always have a diversify portfolio to manage your risks. A portfolio of multiple assets (diversified) will result in greater returns without a higher level of risk.