What is the difference between Investing & Saving

Investing:    First we will understand of investment prior to meaning of Investing. “Investments refers to a period where we deploy our funds for a return in that particular period“. 

Saving   :  Saving refers to that accumulated fund which is saved after all the expenses. Investment is applied in daily life by any person, his point of view he did investing.

Investing Vs Saving  –

  1. Investing is new concept, saving is old concept
  2. Investing have many opportunities but saving have less
  3. Investing manages to inflation but saving is not managed to inflation.
  4. Investing could not be done by any person but saving can be done by everyone. Because investing required knowledge but saving is not.
  5.   Investment give more return than saving
  6. Investing are varying I;e it depends on goals but in saving no variation
  7. Investment can be done by different ways e.g. Mutual fund (Tax saving fund, hybrid fund, multicap fund etc.), Stock Market, Real Estate FDs Etc.
  8. In Investing a little risk is exists buy in saving there is no risk .it gives surety to customers.

“A penny saved is a penny earned” —- Benjamin Franklin